The Best Freestyle Scooterer In The World Is Ready To Take Over The X Games


So this scooter bro has been going viral all over the map for being the Tony Hawk of scootering, which raises the question- is there money in scootering? 

In theory I feel like there very much should be. When I was a kid, the X Games were hitting their peak in popularity with the Tony Hawks, Mat Hoffmans, and Travis Pastranas taking the world by storm. I feel like since then, there's been a major drop off. I'm sure if you pay close attention tot he sports you know the new top guys, but none of them have made it to the mainstream. Shit, remember Ryan Sheckler? Dude got so famous he ended up having an MTV reality show. 

But again, it seems like we never hear about the new generation of skaters and BMX bikers. They don't break through to the mainstream anymore, which is a bummer, because if you're ever flipping channels on a hot Summer day and come across the X-Games, you're glued to your set for the next 3 hours. The things they can do on motorbikes now is insane. I remember when Pastrana did the first ever backflip in competition I didn't sleep for a week. I couldn't believe it was possible. Now these whippersnappers are doing backflips while doing their own backflip off the bike and landing it with ease, it's nuts. 



So I'm ready for the scooter generation. If there was ever a time, it's now. I want to say it was when I was in 6th grade or so when the Razor Scooter craze was at it's peak. Everyone who was anyone had a Razor Scooter. They got banned from schools, much like Pokemon Cards and Yo-Yos before them, because they were just reeking havoc and the teachers couldn't contain the kids. But now it makes sense for a scooter comeback and if they put it on TV, I'm here for it.



PS: I did some research and they sadly cancelled this Summer's X Games. I wonder if someone will put together something without fans in attendance. If there was ever a time we needed 540 switch olly board grab goofy foot varials, it's now.