In September, Oregon Is Going To Cancel On Ohio State And USC Is Going To Cancel On Alabama, So......Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?


Okay, I know that 90% of you have already put together the missing piece of puzzle that I'm implying should fit here, but for our readers from the deep south that are as confused as when a 2-loss SEC team doesn't make the playoff, let me type this really slow for you to understand: Ohio State......and Alabama.....are both.......going to have.......a September. other.

Live replay of everyone below the Mason Dixon line getting that read to them:

That's right, cousins! The whole world is mourning (sad) today because it seems like the PAC 12 is on the path towards spring football, but this actually just gave us QUITE the opportunity. It is a very feasible fix to have Ohio State pay Bowling Green a million dollars to lose by 60 on September 12th instead of September 5th (or Alabama and Georgia State visa versa), and boom WEEK 1 MATCHUP OF THE CENTURY.

First of all, let me say that my care level that the PAC 12 might not be apart of college football this year is 0.00%. It's not like we need them in the playoff anyways. It only affects late night gambling, which is huge, but I'd hope that the MAC or some other low-level conference would just start kicking off their games at midnight to fill that void. 

But second of all, September just turned from fake hype (Ohio State and Alabama are literally going to win these big time matchups by 20+ points each) to a Week 1 that could be filled with the game of the century. Can you recall any nonconference game as monumental as if Ohio State and Alabama played? These two programs are on a completely different level than every other school in the country besides Clemson. This would be HUGE.

And selfishy, I really hope it happens for more than just an exciting Week 1. It would be so nice to beat them early in the year and not have to worry about the Bama "Eye Test" to putting in the playoff over someone more deserving. My ONLY complaint about this entire situation is that I just wish this was like Week 9 or 10. Could you imagine Alabama coming up north to play in 20 degree temperatures? 

Okay, that's a fantasy that would never ever happen. But could you imagine the spinzones that Nick Saban would make up as to why they can't travel? "We're in a pandemic (after playing 8 football games) we can't go to Ohio (safest state with more than 15 humans in the country)."

Whatever, Nick. Let's play wherever. I'm open to any spot that Alabama would agree to. Hey, how about Dallas?