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Get Your Thursday Rolling With The Best Of Marty Funkhouser

I cannot put into words how much I miss The Funkman. Even though Freddy Funkhouser was a very welcome addition and Joey Funkhouser's big ol' floppy donkey dick are a great comedic device, all I could think about every time they were on screen was how good Martin Norton Funkhouser would have been in all those episodes. An absolute comedic monster that could drop hammers, even with limited screen time. Larry David may be the LaDanian Tomlinson of the show that makes everything go. But Marty Funkhouser was the Michael Turner complementary piece to LD that could take it to the house at any moment. I'm not sure who Darren Sproles is in this comparison. Jeff? Leon? I'm not sure. But Susie is definitely Marty Schottenheimer. God I loved that old San Diego Chargers running back room about as much as I love Curb. I don't know how we got to the early 2000s Chargers after talking about Marty Funkhouser but that's the beauty of an early morning blog.

RIP Bob Einstein