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Pro Soccer Player Instagrams A 'Stay Home' Message, Immediately Gets In Trouble For Sneaking Out To Party With English TV Stars


[Source]- The 20-year-old Wolves starlet had previously encouraged followers to "stay at home" to "support the NHS" in an Instagram post.

In the vid, now deleted, Gibbs-White could be seen chatting with pals at the gathering.

And it was captioned: "My brudda Morgan Gibbs pulled up ya na."

Listen, I get it. You're 20-years old and a pro athlete. The last thing you want to do is sit at home and be quarantined instead of party. But you can't put out a 'stay at home' message and then get caught doing it. You either stay silent and get caught or you actually stay home. Those are the only two plays you have here. I understand that you're a pro athlete and probably have to put out a message to the public, but if you really want to sneak out to party you have to cover it up better.

Granted, I selfishly vote stay home just so we get sports back and life back, but then again I'm not a 20-year old being invited to party with Georgia Steel. 


At least he didn't pull a full Kyle Walker: 

I've said it before but if you're a pro athlete - especially in England where it seems like soccer players have pictures all the damn time - make sure there aren't phones around. You're hanging out with other celebrities, they should know the rule here. You're in the middle of a damn pandemic. 

Or you know, just stay home, get over this thing and then party your ass off with Georgia Steel.