Bill Murray & Guy Fieri Are Pitting Their Sons Against Each Other In A Nacho Showdown That's Sure To Be Out Of Bounds

From Rolling Stone:

Bill Murray. Guy Fieri. Nachos. No, this isn’t just a list of things millennials are obsessed with. The duo will face off Friday at 5 p.m. EDT on the Food Network’s Facebook page in a battle for the ages: The Nacho Average Showdown.

Fieri and Murray will serve as hypemen for their sons Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray, both of whom are chefs and will be handling the actual nacho-making. The elder Murray once famously crashed the opening of Homer’s Brooklyn restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, and served as a guest bartender. He also opened an eatery in Chicago in 2018. The younger Fieri is the self-described “Prince of Flavortown.”

The event will raise money for Fieri’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF), which seeks to help out-of-work restaurant workers during COVID-19.

Fieri has raised over $22M for those in need so far and I'm sure this will only help that amount skyrocket. Homer's oddessy against Hunter, the Prince of Flavortown & all for a good cause… My goodness, what a wholesome, delicious battle. 



For many of us still stuck in isolation it's nice to know the Mayor of Flavortown & a comic legend are looking out for our entertainment & the wellbeing of those in the restaurant biz. It's almost as if Murray understands our current monotony & knows we could use a pick me up…

…So we have that going for us this Friday, which is nice. 

Here's a teaser they did for the upcoming event on Fallon's Tonight Show last week:

PS. Just a final note for good vibes - Love these photos of Bill Murray bartending at his son Homer's restaurant. Would not be mad to hit up a spot for drinks & see him calling the shots.