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Wake Up With Sammy Sosa's First Round Explosion In The 2002 Home Run Derby

Besides for Bobby Abreu in 2005, Josh Hamilton in 2008, Bryce in 2018, and Todd Frazier's walk off in 2015, this Sammy Sosa round is one of my favorites. Sure it was only in the first round, but the man ripped off 12 bombs, a long of 524(!!), averaged 477 feet per dong, and even had the fine people of Milwaukee cheering for a guy from Chicago. Sosa was swinging sooooo damn hard on some of these, my obliques hurt just watching. Multiple upper deck bombs, over the restaurant in left, Sosa put on a show and a half. Fire jerseys too for the derby, and you gotta love Sosa doing the Junior Griffey look with the backwards hat. Jason Giambi ended up winning this derby, but man was it awesome watching Sosa hit tanks.