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Are You A Mets Fan That Really Misses Baseball? Well This Tweet Should Take Care Of That!

You know what? The MLB owners and players can stop fighting over who gets paid what and just cuncel da fuck outta this saeson for all I care because I don't know think I'm in the mood for Major League Baseball after being reminded about that series. I've been waking up to my beloved NC Dinos mashing home runs and walking off on KBO teams every morning, which is a hell of a lot better than getting your heart ripped out at 11 pm or later on a nightly basis.

It's impressive enough to lose a World Series that you led for 45% of the time. But it's downright Metsian to lose a World Series that you led for 45% of the time in only FIVE games. 65% if you only count innings where one of the teams actually had a lead. Looking back, we should've known we were fucked after the Royals led off with an inside-the-park home run that Yo booted all over the park like he was in the World Cup. The 2015 New York Mets were the closest thing I've ever experienced to rooting for a real life team was seemingly playing in a sports movie. Surreal shit happening both on and off the field, a very clear moment where everything hit rock bottom and then a trade that turned everything around followed by an INCREDIBLE run set to a similarly incredible theme song. 

Then instead of it ending with a World Series trophy, everything abruptly ended and went to black like the end of The Sopranos. Poof, vamoose, son of a bitch. A quick pitch here, an error there, and a bukakke of #contact which resulted in that fucking stat from hell which doesn't mean shit because even though the Royals led for only 25% of the series, they led the final score of 80% of the games, which is all that matters. So thanks to John Sawyer and ESPN Stats & Info for putting my soul through a table Dudley Boyz style during the weirdest time of my life and making me realized how blessed I am that the Mets are not playing right now.