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Kendall Jenner Was Bored During Quarantine So She Unleashed A Nuclear Bombshell On Instagram

The days are long. Every time I look at a clock, it seems like the minutes are going slower. California state colleges aren't opening in the fall. The MLB & MLBPA didn't make any progress in working towards an agreement on a season. To recap everything in one word: pain. 

That's all we got right now, PAIN. 

But you know what you have to do sometimes? You gotta be like Kendall Jenner, do your makeup n stuff and release a nuclear bombshell on Instagram. Now, I'm not going to do that. I'm a different human being than Kendall Jenner, but I can do my makeup n stuff in other parts of my life. You know, I could clean my room tomorrow. Do some laundry. Just end the day by saying, 'did my makeup in stuff.'

Be that RARE content tomorrow: