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The Internet Is Saying That Roger Goodell May Have Lied About His Football Career Ending Because of Injuries

So this has been something that I’ve been hearing a lot about lately on twitter and the internet.   People claiming that Roger Goodell may have lied about his football career being cut short by injuries.  I tried to do some research to vindicate him and I was quickly able to find this quote.    

Wikipedia - "He graduated from Bronxville High School where, as a three-sport star in football, basketball, and baseball, he captained all three teams as a senior and was named the school's athlete of the year.[7] Injuries kept him from playing college football."

Ok case closed right?  Roger is vindicated.  Well I decided I should do just a bit more research to shut up the critics once and for all.  I mean there has to be evidence of his injuries or at least some proof of his dominance as a high school player.  However everywhere I looked all I found was the same exact quote as above.  Like verbatim. Over and over and over again.  It was almost like I was trying to infiltrate some Communist Regime where everybody was programmed to say the same exact line.   Roger Goodell was a three star athlete.  injuries kept him from playing college football....I serve Roger Goodell....

So I had to keep digging and I finally found this article.   It’s from 2006 and a reporter who actually covered Goodell in High School. This would surely vindicate him right?


Chicago Tribune - (In reference to Roger Goodell) He was the other Goodell, the younger and smaller brother of one of the most accomplished athletes at Bronxville (N.Y.) High School during the mid-1970s. If you mentioned the name Goodell in Bronxville, most people didn't think of Roger, the future NFL commissioner, but of Tim, an athlete equally accomplished battling under the boards, setting up behind home plate or catching passes on the football field. Not that there was anything wrong with Roger. He also played three sports. But he wasn't Tim. Few were. I covered both Goodells at my first newspaper job. What he may have lacked in size, Roger made up for in hustle and versatility. He could play both outfield and infield in baseball, frontcourt and backcourt in basketball and offense and defense in football. 

Three decades later, the modest but determined two-way player from the Bronxville Broncos is the most powerful man in the nation's most popular sport as commissioner of the NFL. He has been surrounded by wealth and influence most of his life, so I doubt NFL owners will find him a pushover.

Hmm interesting.  So are we to believe that this "modest" white kid from the very rich town in Westchester who was totally unremarkable on the football field and didn’t stand out in a small yuppy conference stopped playing football because of injuries or because he was just not that good of a football player?    I don’t know what to say now?  I can just hear the critics “I TOLD YOU SO!”

However the good news is that when I visit the Goodell Estate for MNF I’m sure he will provide me his full medical records and a scrapbook of his exploits so that we can finally clear his name and stop these nasty rumors I keep hearing across the internet questioning his integrity and honor.