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Prisoner Escapes Jail Thanks To Coronavirus Mask

Cook County Jail probably wishes they had a mulligan for this one. According to AP 21 year old Jahquez Scott was able to walk out of prison while pretending to be a fellow inmate who was set to be released from jail.

Scott, who was being held at the Cook County Jail on a weapons charge while on parole for a battery of an officer conviction, allegedly promised to pay another detainee, Quintin Henderson, so that he could pretend to be him at Henderson’s May 2 release. After exchanging sweatshirts with Henderson to complete the disguise, the sheriff’s department said Scott, who was wearing a mask that concealed tattoos on both sides of his face, stepped forward when Henderson’s name was called for discharge, signed release papers and walked out of jail.

Wait what! That worked?

It's a good thing for Scott all the prisoners had to wear face masks throughout the entire jail release process, because his unique face tattoos probably would have been a dead giveaway that he wasn't Henderson. 

"You sound different today Henderson, and you look much taller." 

"It's all an illusion caused by this face mask you made me design. It's just me short Henderson."

Scott is not exactly a genius though as he was captured at a home just miles away from the jail over a week after his escape.  It wouldn't be as embarrassing if he had gotten caught at an airport or train station, but he was just chilling at a home in Chicago while the FBI had a reward out for his capture.  

Henderson the guy who agreed to swap with him instead of literally getting released, also not the sharpest tool, as he is now looking at a potential felony. Scott admitted to the cops he offered Henderson $500 to go along with his scheme, but Henderson disputed and said for the record Scott offered him $1,000. Good thing he got that clear, he would have looked like an idiot otherwise. I think there is something else going on there though, as I'm not making that deal unless Scott threatens to kill my family upon his own release and I believe him.