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Tom Hanks Rolls Through All His Movies In 8 Minutes, Still The Most Likable Person On Earth


Sweet Jesus that’s one hell of a career.  It helps that Tom Hanks always seems like the coolest kid on the block, too.  James Cordon is going to have a great run on The Late Late Show if he can get a worldwide superstar to go apetits on a sketch for the first 8 minutes every night.  Now excuse me while I sing That Thing You Do to myself for the rest of the year.  Damn song is more addicting than crack or Civilization III.

The only suggestion is Hanks should have called Cordon a talking pile of pig shit while saying his parents drove all the way down from Michigan just to see him do the skit.  Either that or have the crowd kiss his big hairy ass.  RIP Jimmy Dugan (sneakily may be in my top 5 characters of all-time).