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NBA Players Were Texted A "Yes or No" Question When It Comes To Basketball Coming Back

Does this mean we're inching closer to some sort of decision from the NBA about when they might return? I'd say so and for that I am excited. Off the top of my head I imagine the only player that could potentially answer no is someone that is on a team well out of the playoffs and isn't close to any sort of incentive. May as well start their vacation early if they have nothing to play for right?

Wrong. Dead wrong. Couldn't be more wrong.

That's why I need Woj/Shams/the internet to do their thing and expose whoever says no to this text. I don't care how it was phrased, the answer is "yes". If the option is having a season in some fashion or not having a season, the answer is "yes". I will say though, diabolical move throwing this question on one massive group text. Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be part of a group text. It wouldn't surprise me if people answered no simply out of spite. Whoever came up with that idea really blew it. Is it more of a pain in the ass to send separate texts? Yes, but it's most definitely not as annoying as getting 1,000 notifications and alerts. Day 1 stuff really.  

Now this is obviously all under the impression that the NBA finds out some sort of safe avenue for the league to come back. I suppose they need to know how many of their players actually want to come back before they figure that out, but like I said that's an easy answer. 

I know the NBPA wants to keep this under wraps so that players answer honestly, but fuck that. Everything gets leaked nowadays anyway so why should this be any different. I don't care if your season is over, don't ruin this for the rest of us. Anyone voting "no" should be publicly shamed in my opinion. We need the playoffs, we need to see how one of the best regular seasons in recent memory shakes out.