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Hall of Fame Reddit Relationship Post: 'My Boyfriend Keeps Getting Into Fights With a Cook at Waffle House'

This is truly one of my favorite things I've ever read, but not for the reason many other people have enjoyed it.

So this guy loves going to Waffle House because of some supposed memory from his childhood about his mom making him breakfast food — I'm pretty sure this guy just really likes WaHo and has crafted this narrative for his girlfriend to keep going. Unfortunately, the cook at his local Waffle House continues to make his eggs incorrectly and it has escalated to the point of physical altercations. However, this guy continues to go because it's a "matter of principle."

Now, I absolutely love everything and everyone in this story. Firstly, the girlfriend. We should all be so lucky as to have a woman by our side who will just keep going to Waffle House knowing full well a fight is going to break out at the counter when her boyfriend gets served a hard-boiled egg, but she goes anyway because she's a ride or die. Respect.

The person in this story I have the most respect for is this cook. This guy absolutely does not give a fiddler's fuck and it is fantastic. Just by my count in this story, this cook has made this man's eggs intentionally wrong no fewer than five times and keeps doing it because he's married to the game at this point. When he sees that guy walk in, he knows it's showtime. He lives for that moment.

But lastly, I also respect the boyfriend. As someone who once sat on PlayStation for the better part of three hours waiting for Smitty to unpause a game knowing damn well he wasn't going to, sometimes you just have to stick up for what you know is right, even if it comes at a cost to yourself. And this man will not sit idly by while a rogue cook is out there somewhere giving people scrambled eggs when they very clearly asked for runny. He's aware of the fact the likely outcome is this cook will never come around to his side, but that's exactly why you have to start a fight in a Waffle House every once in a while to stick up for yourself. A man who allows his egg order to be consistently mocked is a man comprised of weakness.

Maybe the move to a new city is exactly what everybody needs. This man gets to walk away knowing he stood up for himself and find a new WaHo staff that respects and appreciates his dedication to the neon yellow sign. His girlfriend gets to be with someone who isn't consistently engaging in fights with the Waffle House staff. I suppose that just leaves our friendly neighborhood cook, who will now have to find a new subject to fight on a weekly basis.

Godspeed, friends.