You're Still Up? Yikes. Might As Well Check Out This Police Chase Where The Truck Does A Full 360 Then Keeps Going

**Update: I have somehow managed to double-blog Trent at 1:40am on a blog he did about 9 hours ago. New low! But still I soldier on... 

Hey there night owl, here's the tea via Tweet I did specifically to make it easier for people to see the truck flip part (::pats self on back::).. 

From WATE News:

A pickup truck driver fleeing authorities was captured on video hitting a barrier – his vehicle flipping 360 degrees – before continuing his escape attempt along an Oklahoma highway Monday afternoon.

You can see that full video HERE, but…

1997 - Daytona 500: The late, great Dale Earnhardt bumps Jeff Gordon and then in a true Dale vs. Dale battle as only happens on a NASCAR track, Dale Jarret slams & flips him a full 360…… And then Earnhardt gets the car back to the pit, his team cobbles it back together and he CONTINUES RACING IT

Well that was so badass you're probably even more awake now. My bad. Anyways.. raise Hell, praise Dale.