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A #PickEm A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Me picking things for $15 isn't a habit or an addiction at all. I'm really not even sure where these rumors are coming from. Some people like a glass of warm milk before bed. Some people like a $15 pickem. Different strokes for different folks.

You have $15 to make an NFL Team

This is the only rule that we have. Duly noted.

QB Patrick Mahomes $5 (Remaining: $10)

Let's not get cute. I'll skimp and save money to find value somewhere else, but not with Patty Mahomes on the board. I would have paid all $15 for him and still been confident in my team.

RB James White $1 (Remaining: $9)

White has been in the league for six seasons and has 1,100 career rushing yards compared to over 2,800 receiving yards. He's averaged 63 catches at nearly 9 YPC over the past five seasons, so another pass catcher for Mahomes? For $1?? Sign me up. He's half as much as Bilal Powell for crying out loud! 

WR Odell Beckham Jr $3 (Remaining: $6)

ODB has had terrible quarterback play since he entered the league, but particularly his last two seasons. And he still caught over 150 passes and 2,000 yards in just 28 games. He costs $3 here for reasons that have nothing to do with him on the field and I'm glad to catch the bargain.

WR Amari Cooper $2 (Remaining: $4)

Cooper is coming off of a season where he set career highs in games started, receiving yards, YPC, and touchdowns. He just signed a deal that makes him the second highest-paid receiver of all time but he's somehow the fourth most expensive receiver here. I hope Mahomes can make it work with a couple of ragtag receivers like Beckham and Cooper.

TE Travis Kelce $4 (Remaining: $0)

I don't want to overwhelm Pat with too many new options so I'll give him old faithful, Travis Kelce. Kelce is the only TE ever to catch for 1,000 yards in four consecutive seasons but his streak may be in trouble here. Will there be enough footballs to go around for James White to catch his 60 passes, Odell and Cooper to each break 1,100 yards AND Kelce still has to get his 1k??? This Mahomes guy has his work cut out for him.


Who you got?