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Doink Don't Matter: Texas Tech Earns First Conference Win in Thriller at Oklahoma State


It has been a dreadful 48 hours for Texas Tech Head Coach Gus Duggerton. After inexplicably losing to Baylor, the first year leader entered and exited a Donut-Edible rehab facility over the weekend. Fortunately, he was given the green light to roam the sidelines on Monday night in Stillwater.

Despite loads of pressure, threats, and an uncomfortable neck brace, Coach Duggs did what many thought he simply could not do anymore.

He won the football game.

But it's the end of this game that folks around the college football universe will be talking about all week. 

With less than five minutes to go, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State were all tied at 31. The Red Raider offense hovered around midfield, and QB Gunnar Wesson did what most Coach Duggs-led gunslingers do in a crucial moment:

Luckily for Coach Duggs, the TTU defense held the Cowboys to just a field goal, so the home team took a three point lead.


Fast forward to Texas Tech's final drive of the game: down by three with less than three minutes to go. It was now or never. 

Enter a beautiful drive with superb clock management.

Coach Duggs has to be feeling good now! Up by three, only 21 seconds left, let's knock in this PAT for some insurance. 

(Pretend Jaws music is playing)






OH NO!!! The Pokes have all three timeouts and now only need a FG to tie! They have life! 

The home team would eventually put together a string of positive plays to set up a 49-yard FG with seven seconds left to force OT. It all came down to this...


Coach Duggs tried nearly EVERYTHING to blow this game, but he got it done. A victorious night for #DuggsNation, a brutal night for the haters. Duggs is back in the win column, and he's ready to go on a run.

Up next: Tomorrow night vs. Texas (time TBD). Watch on the PMT Twitch Channel HERE:

(Thumbnail courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics)