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Daryl Morey Just Provided Bullet Proof Evidence It's Finally The Rockets Year

Daryl Morey is not only one of the smartest people on the planet and a great GM, the man has a sense of humor as well. I have to say, he does have a point. Doesn't matter what type of asterisk you're talking about, it can be the two Rockets titles* that have to live with the asterisk of coming when there was no MJ. As if Hakeem The Dream wasn't a goddamn problem. Those are fake asterisks per se, but still very real in any anti Rockets fan or whatever. Then maybe you go the cheating asterisk route, like the Houston Astros. Still got a championship last time I checked. If there is going to be a season in any sport that could in some way shape or form include an asterisk, the city of Houston is your place to crown a champion. Those are just the facts, and as we know Morey is some sort of scientific/mathematical Doogie Howser turned GM that deals in nothing but stone cold facts. 

Now I would imagine this isn't going to go over too well with the fine people of Houston. With the whole China tweet thing and then the whole Rockets seemingly always falling short in the playoffs recently thing I'd bet some people are a little fed up with Daryl. Not me. I say loosen up. Don't be so butthurt that the Astros cheated. Learn to laugh and funny is funny and that tweet was funny. 

But seriously, the Rockets need to win the title or they are going to be in a TOUGH spot if Mike D'Antoni doesn't come back and the next coach tries to win with a different style with no player over like 6'8 all while paying $82M to Harden and Westbrook. Pressure's on.