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Today in PMT History: We Created

The GOAT debate of sports debates: Who is the GOAT? Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Everyone in sports media has an opinion on the matter and if you fall in the middle you're missing the point.

There are MJ stans...

*name drop*

and Bronsexuals

So, we decided to create the website to finally settle the debate in the fairest way possible (despite Big Cat having Milmore change the algorithm so MJ won 60% of the time)

To spread it, we used the site to respond to major media accounts so they didn't have to waste their time on air on the debate.

Mike Francesa was even pitched on why he should take a look at the website.

Forget the statistics, accolades and accomplishments, this was the MANalytics that would determine the GOAT through real life scenarios.

Debate settled.