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Reddit User 'EveryoneLovesNudez,' Who Has Previously Been Correct on Seahawks News, Says Myles Garrett Will Be Traded to Seattle

I have no idea if breaking the Justin Britt cut is enough justification to trust any other Seahawks news from this random guy on Reddit, but he went on a Seattle sports talk station today and sounded pretty convincing that Myles Garrett will be a Seahawk in the very near future.

While even writing this may seem patently ridiculous, "EveryoneLovesNudez" breaking a major NFL trade would be about the 19th-craziest thing to happen this year, so I no longer dismiss anything. Plus, this guy already has a better track record than half the NFL media this off-season, so who knows?

I am rooting so hard for EveryoneLovesNudez. "Naked photograph aficionado breaks biggest story of NFL off-season on Reddit" is the story America needs right now. And does anyone really think someone as accomplished and respected as EveryoneLovesNudez would go on record on live radio saying this move could happen as soon as tomorrow if he was not 100 percent sure in his sourcing?

Maybe I'm the idiot, but this seems like a very 2020 way for a story like this to be broken. And given the fact that this guy has been right before, there's no telling who and what he might know. All I know is I'm rooting for him.

If EveryoneLovesNudez can become an NFL insider, you can follow your dreams, too, kids.