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Have A Day Baltimore Police! Lowest Murder Count on July 1 In 30 Years And Reached 50,000 Twitter Followers!


The SunBaltimore saw 97 homicides in the first six months of 2014, one of the lowest totals at the halfway point in the past 30 years. Killings are down more than 15 percent from the same time last year, when the city was dealing with a spate of more than 40 shootings in a two-week span, including 20 shot over a single weekend. The city ended last year with the first increase in non-fatal shootings in six years, and the highest murder count in four years. Not so this year. As of the most recent update on June 21, Police Department statistics show most categories of crime down big. Non-fatal shootings were down 19 percent as of that date, robberies were down 17 percent, aggravated assaults were down 16 percent, and total violent crime was down 17 percent.


We did it! Hallelujah, we’ve reached the promised land! Baltimore is finally a safe haven! So what if there were still 97 homicides since January 1. That’s chump change. I can almost count that high on one hand. Forget everything I said about staying the fuck out of West Baltimore. I’ll la-dee-da down the street with my iPhone out without a concern in the world. You hear that West Baltimore? I said I’m not afraid anymore! Apparently punching criminals right in the face and tweeting out prehistoric revolvers goes a long way to having less dead people in your city.






Way to be, BPD.