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Kyrie Irving Declares He "Wants That Matchup" When It Comes To Playing Kemba 1-on-1

Now I know there are some people on the internet who are making this about a Brooklyn vs Boston thing (cough cough cough)


but that's not what Kyrie was talking about. He was talking about the NJ vs NYC beef with Kemba being from NYC and Kyrie from Jersey. We don't need to make this about a point guard who quit on a certain franchise facing another point guard who gladly took that bag and changed everything about the team's chemistry/success and actually likes being a Celtic who is beloved by every single one of his teammates and coaches and fanbase. 

Kyrie is right though. We all do want to see the matchup. It's why everyone was so mad that he's missed all the matchups between BKN and BOS this season. Maybe one day he'll return to the Garden to play, but there's no denying these are two of the best scoring guards the league has. In terms of their battles, Kemba has really given Kyrie the business as of late. There was the 43 point outing in November of last year

then a few months later in March he took over in the fourth quarter to once again get the better of Kyrie and the Celts

which gave us one of the best Kyrie deflection quotes of the season


way to take some personal responsibility!

So who would I take in a 1-on-1 battle? It's tough because say what you want about Kyrie, the dude is an offensive wizard. Defensively both don't really blow your dick off so I'd call that a wash. That means tie goes to whoever is currently the point guard for my favorite basketball team so I'm going to say Kemba in a blowout. Kyrie doesn't want that quickness