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This SNL PSA About Getting Your Kids Liquored Up During Quarantine Was One Of The Best Sketches In Recent Memory

It easy to be a hater of SNL these days, but when something is funny, it's funny. And goddamnit that sketch made me laugh out loud. I've had the beat stuck in my head all afternoon. It's nothing crazy, just a simple little jingle about kids getting liqueured up in quarantine, ya know? We can all relate. They made some valid points too...

The lyrics:

"...It's been a hard ass time for families

Feel like an animal's in a zoo

Parents need some help thee days, ids could use some too

 So given the special circumstance we'd like to introduce this special rule...

Let kids drink!

Just like Mom and Dad!!! If they got a little buzz on, would it really be that bad? 

Let kids drink!

They'll be happier and funnier and they'll fall asleep by six! 

They let kids in France drink wine, a  bottle or two a day...

We asked child servies and they said it was okay! 

Let kids drink! 

It's not like they can drive

Just one drink! Two if they've been good!

Babies look drunk anyway, they burp and puke just like I would! 

Kids are quite resilient and they always bound right back, and it's not like they'll get blackout drinking half of a six pack...

Let dogs drink! They're smarter, happier kids! Once a day take their and fill it with a cold refreshing spritz!

Let GUYS Drink....

Pat was too lazy to finish, the lyrics to the song, so you can go back and listen your self! 

Beck Bennett, by the way, is the most underrated cast member on all of SNL. Him and Kyle Mooney are both wildly hilarious. I don't know how he keeps a straight face in any of his sketches.

Anyway, I've always been a big fan of SNL's fake commercials and PSAs, so here are a few of my favorites...







I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that come to mind right now. Hopefully next year at this time SNL (and every other TV show) will be back in studio. We made it through Monday, friends. See you tomorrow...