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MLB Owners Approve Plan To Start Season In July But The Players Union Agreeing To Another Pay-Cut Will Take a Prayer

Okay we're through another big step into starting the baseball season in July. Today the owners approved their plan to start the 2020 baseball season which will include an 82 game season (negotiable), the universal DH, an expanded playoff format (14 teams), expanded rosters, and a 50/50 revenue split between the teams and players. Originally the split was looking like 48/52, but the final proposal here according to Nightengale (tread with caution) says 50/50 just like the NHL and NBA. MLB teams are looking at a 40% loss with a shortened seasons and zero fans. This split along with cut pro-rated salaries is their way of lessening the blow. 

The MLB owners are in a great spot here. Either the players agree to this and accept their pay-cuts or they reject it and instantly become the villains in the eye of the public. The owners will paint them as being greedy and the only ones preventing baseball from happening. I'm expecting the players union to reject this initial offer and start negotiations. It's certainly a start and they can work from there, but I doubt the first proposal works. It's still only May 11th so they have time to hash out the details and get a deal somewhere in the middle for the season to start the first week of July. 

The Players Union has said they don't want revenue sharing and the idea of pay-cuts to players' already pro-rated salaries is not something they're on board with. Back in March the two sides agreed to a deal that would guarantee players a year of service time even if there was no season, and pro-rated salaries. Now the owners look like they're asking for an additional pay-cut in exchange for a higher rev share. This is in all likelihood a low ball offer from the owners that will need to be tinkered with. 

The good news? We're getting closer and closer to baseball, but the players union agreeing to this deal is a giant hurdle both sides need to overcome. The way I look at it? At least we're here. A few months ago these negotiations seemed impossible to even take place. There's a plan in place and all it looks like needs to happen are the financials to come together along with the medical side of things to keep trending in the right direction. Some how someway they'll get this done. There's too much money at stake for this to fall apart right here. 

We're in the endgame now.