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Local Smokeshow Of The Day: CHICAGO

I don't know why, but the quarantine blues hit me HARD yesterday. It's mid-May. We are supposed to be in Wrigley, on patios, drinking beers, going to the beach, and liking posts on instagram from hot girls who hang out in the play pen with 40 year old dudes. I miss all of that. I miss my bars. I miss summertime in Chicago. Best summer city in the world and you guys came through clutch with pictures showing exactly why

I'd empty my bank account for this seat right here if I could

Even the public transit looks spectacular right now. Probably should've always been wearing masks on the El and armed with disinfectant on train instead of pepper spray. 

Nothing better than stacking the odds on a 50/50 raffle. That next time is the time I am going to win

Great tasting, less filling, dominating the high seas

I totally miss being able to exercise on the lake too

I actually miss taking walks on the lake with the pup

There's no field on the planet that is more beautiful than Wrigley

Sox Park isn't bad either

This brightened my spirits in a way. Here is the best of the rest. So lucky that we get to live here