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Walk-Up Bars And Taking Drinks To Go Should Remain Legal Long After Quarantine Is Over


The above is a picture from one of my favorite bars in NYC, Factory 380. They have recently re-opened for carryout, which is great because they deserve all the money in the world. But while looking at this picture and their IG story, it dawned on me- if we can now walk up to a window and get a drink to go during quarantine, why stop that amazing thing from happening once this is all over?

Look, we're all adults here. If we want to walk up to a window and grab a margarita at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, what's to stop us? If we have some errands to run on a Sunday, why not get a to-go cocktail to drink on the way to Target? We've been filling water bottles up with vodka to take places since high school, there's no need to hide it anymore. 

There are a few cities where you can walk down the street drinking alcohol and nobody bats an eye. Obviously New Orleans is one such city. And guess what? It's amazing! You grab a drink, bar hop, drink in the bar, take it with you, high five everyone, sing some songs, talk to girls (lol jk), it's a treat. Vegas- same deal. Oh you want this 90 ounce drink that's half vodka, half sugar? Be my guest.

NYC doesn't have to go that big, but there's no real reason we can't continue to take cocktails to go for the rest of time. Or if they want to make it so you can drink in the street from Friday at 5 til Sunday after brunch, I'm ok with a modified schedule like that. 

This also helps everyone- the bars make more money, the customers are happier, the customers get drunker, and thus the bars make even more money! I believe that's what we call a classic



It's time to put trust back into the people. Give us a chance, let us drink outside in New York (and other cities). Or maybe just in certain areas- like the stretch of 3rd avenue between Flying Cock and Molly's. They could make that section look like Austin with outdoor parties and block off the road to traffic. It'd be an absolutely genius idea. 

Quarantine sucks but some good things could come out of it. Do the right thing. Let us drink alcohol outside 2020.