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Escaping From A Bobcat Does NOT Look Like A Fun Time

Holy shit I am glad I am not a squirrel.  Most of the time it would be extremely fun: Jumping from branch to branch, eating nuts, and generally just doing whatever you want.  You're the rodent version of spiderman.  There is a catch though... a BIG catch, and that's being hunted down by some of the most agile predators in the entire world.  The only thing more quick and nimble than a squirrel are the guys who make a living being 1% faster than them and this is a perfect example.  The squirrel was in the matrix trying to compete with the Bobcat matching its every move.  Climb up? It climbs faster.  Take off and run? It runs faster.  Just a cocoon or horror.  Oh and did I mention that this is all without the X-factor of Hawks and other birds of prey watching your every move from above waiting to sink their talons into you and fly away.

Its not even fair when you add into the equation that you have to hear Bobcat screams in the woods while you are trying to get some Squirrel Z's and you are really screwed.  Just a tough way to make a living.

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