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The Haters Are FURIOUS: UConn Football Signs National TV Deal


They said UConn couldn't do it! That they were going to the FCS! No way they'd stay could it work! They were DESTINED for failure!


I take so much joy in reporting that they were WRONG.

UConn, whose only FBS win since 2017 has been UMass, is one of the worst teams in the land, but you know what they got? A national TV deal BABY. I'm not sure there is a better indication of a brand being strong than that:

UConn on Monday will announce an agreement with CBS Sports Network, which will carry four homes games in the upcoming 2020 season — if there is one — and every home game through 2023. The four-year deal comes with a pair of two-year network options that could push the agreement to eight years, through the 2027 season.

All of the AAC laughed at UConn as they left, as if they were some conference filled with history and financial success. The leagues only national championship that mattered came thanks to the University of Connecticut. They should've been BEGGING UConn to stay. Instead, the AAC and it's members smugly wished UConn luck as an independent "before the drop-down to the FCS." Cincinnati, who just had their best season in years which resulted in making the illustrious TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl, made it seem as if they were doing UConn a favor for being in the same conference as them. Cincinnati! The last time they won anything the NFL & AFL were separate leagues!

Boy could they have not been more wrong. 

Just to review:

-UConn leaves the AAC. Possibly the worst geographically located conference in the history of the WORLD. Thanks to this decision, they will save millions on travel costs. Goodbye Wednesday night games in front of 4,237 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hello Madison Square Garden. 

-UConn returns to the Big East, reviving its great basketball program, which has won more national championships (in both men's and women's) than any other school over the past 21 years. 

-UConn then turns around and gets PAID over 1 million dollars to play its former AAC opponent UCF in football. Remember when UCF left the Civil ConFLiCT trophy on the field? Now they have to PAY UConn to play them. Hahahahahaha. 

-UConn signs national TV deal with CBS Sports, meaning it will be broadcast to 40+ million more homes than they would've been if in the AAC:

This is incredibly impressive to get this deal done. UMass, another independent, has struggled to find any deal. Their games are televised on NESN & FloSports.

-On top of all of this, CBS Sports will cover the production costs. 

-UConn's revenue is now about in line with what they would've received from the AAC if they stayed in the conference. The only difference is they are now in a MUCH better basketball conference, don't have ridiculous travel costs and all football games are on actual TV instead of ESPN+. UConn, also, isn't locked in for the next 10 years with the AAC where they'd have to play disgusting teams like Tulsa, Tulane, and ECU. The AAC's revenue contract is going to be adjusted down as well, while the Big East's is due for a raise.