Florida Residents Protest Not Being Able To Go To The Gym By Working Out Outside Of The Courthouse

"We need the gym!" *Does 10 burpees.* "It is essential to our life!" *Drops down for ten push ups.* "We cannot live without it!" *Proves entire point of gym being non essential without even realizing it.* 

Hey Florida, here's a bit of advice...If you're going to say you need  something, maybe don't prove yourself wrong in the process. All that protest did was show that you don't need a gym to work out. That you can literally achieve your fitness goals with nothing more than a sidewalk. That group fitness class you say you miss? You just did it. Same with your cardio, your upper body, your lower body, all of it. You even got a tan in the process.

I'd say I'm surprised at the level of stupidity, but to be honest I'm not. This type of behavior is par for the course for the wonderful people of Florida. Bless their hearts.