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There Is A Report That The Seahawks Offered Russell Wilson For The Browns #1 Pick In 2018

No chance. And that doesn't mean slim chance, or small chance, or even very little chance. That means there is a 0.00% chance that the Seahawks saw the incoming draft class back in 2018 and decided to offer up one of the most valuable, untouchable players in the entire league.

I mean, who did they want in 2018 that was so incredible that they would give up the safety and security that having an MVP caliber QB like Russell Wilson brings? It probably wasn't even Baker Mayfield.......seeing as the Browns ended up suprising everyone by taking him at #1. Was it Sam Darnold? Josh Allen.....? It definitely wasn't Lamar Jackson because the Seahawks took a runningback 6 spots before the Ravens even took him. The bottom line is that this isn't true. This is so utterly ridiculous that I almost let it float off into the internet without a reaction. I clicked on their story because of the clickbaity title, with zero intentions of blogging something so clearly not credible, BUT THEN, I saw this:

I mean, he says it. Chris Simms, an NBC Sports NFL analyst, said that he heard from people he trusts that the Seahawks offered Russell Wilson for the Browns #1 pick. 

Let me say this: IF TRUE, there are 3 bonafide, undisputed MORONS in this situation. And they are as follows:

1. The Browns. If the Browns turned down RUSSELL WILSON to take a chance on Baker I don't even know what to say. That would be the dumbest move in an organization known for pulling off dumb moves. Remember when we traded for AJ McCarron but forgot to tell the league office? And then missed the trade deadline? Yeah, this would be dumber than that.

2. The Seahawks. See, this is where is gets sketchy. Could the Browns have really turned down this trade? Yeah, sure. Some of the dumbest human beings to ever walk this Earth have held prominent positions in the Cleveland Browns organization. That's no stretch to think we'd have messed this up. But the Seahawks? The Seahawks have a respected organization. And any team willing to part ways with what they know is a franchise quarterback for many years to come for the risk of taking someone who has never taken an NFL snap? Nah. Seattle simply would not have offered this.

3. Chris Simms. That's right. I'm saying even if the rumor he is clearly making up actually is true, he's a moron. And here's why: he heard this from trusted sources and then never checked back on it? Didn't report it? Didn't dig further? You're telling me he heard about an absolute blockbuster, league-shifting trade offer and waiting 3 years to announce it on a Monday morning talkshow?

Seems like the dude is just looking for clicks right now in the middle of this pandemic. You won't catch me doing that. That's why I almost didn't even blog this.