Michael Jordan Turning Into a 7 Year Old Autograph Seeker For Ken Griffey Jr. Will Always Be a Wild Scene

This aired last night on the Jordan doc and it still gets me every time. Michael Jordan, the most popular athlete on the planet, turning into a 7 year old kid seeking out an autograph from The Kid. That's how much stardom Griffey had. Anyone else in that room meeting MJ was the biggest deal in the world to them, but to MJ that meant everything. Griffey's heartbeat never accelerated once that whole encounter because he was always the coolest guy in the room. Jordan insisted taking off his own jersey for him to keep! Just a wild, wild scene to look back on. 

Obligatory Ken Griffey Jr. highlights


And to close out on a semi-related subject to Griffey, the video of Ichiro being completely starstruck by MJ is just incredible. Dude only wanted to meet Griffey and Jordan when he came over from Japan for the first time. That's it. His translator having to explain that he's a hitter and had over 200 hits in a season is hilarious. Guy ends up being one of the greatest hitters ever in baseball history, but right then and there he was just a kid in a candy store meeting his idol. When you humanize these sports titans like this it's always a must watch. 

Dude just loved Tom and Jerry.