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In Case You Aren't Terrified Enough Of Youths Already, Some 11-Year-Old In Brazil Just Landed The First Ever 1080 On A Skate Vert Ramp

Youths. They're terrifying. Kids are vaping by the time they're 8. They're having sex by the time they're 10. Apparently they're all ripped know and way more yoked than you'll ever be, you skinny fat dadbod having low life. 

All these little kids are just crushing creatine and throwing whey in their juice boxes at lunch. The more the years pass by and the more I start to truly fear that scene from Step Brothers when that little shit head Chris Gardocki makes Brennan eat dog shit becomes. I'm not winning any fights against a gang of ripped teens. You kidding me? Not a chance. 

And as if it couldn't get any worse, we now have 11-year-olds in Brazil putting Tony Hawk in their back pocket after stomping out the first ever 1080 on a vert ramp. 

Tony Hawk is a superhero for many of us. Perhaps even one of the top 3 most important persons to your childhood depending on how many hours you spent playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. You knew he wasn't a god because he was way too chill, but you also knew that he was more than simply just human. 

And now there's a kid out there who was born a decade after Tony Hawk landed a 900 for the first time and he just crushed the first ever vert 1080. Again, the youths are terrifying. We live in a world filled with a bunch of ripped kids out there landing 1080s. That's a horror movie. Pretty rad though.