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Adam Sandler Has Dropped A Fire Home Music Video & It's A Rare Quarantine Win

No exaggeration from me here...if you're STILL anti-Sandman you can kindly fuck off. Sure, he's made some "stinkers" in the past decade or so since some people are too stuck up to enjoy the genius of That's My Boy or the absolute hilarity in Grown-Ups 2 as both are hilarious. Even Jack and Jill may be considered his worst movie to date, but how could you hate on a guy that gets fucking AL PACINO to be the lead role in a 3.3 rated movie on IMDb. Those are simply Sandler things...even when he fails, he wins. King.

And now he's back on the come-up to be loved by the masses after his 100% Fresh on Netflix & putting in work in Uncut Gems. Still mad at the Oscars for snubbing the Sandman.


Best award speech ever? Best award speech ever. Who needs the Oscars. I guess like Daniel Day-Lewis, right? Who needs that guy?!?

All terrific. And now he's back during Quarantine with the best music video these eyes have seen since the Eminem one where our buddy Lisa Ann played a BEAUTIFUL Sarah Palin. All the Sandman is doing is waking up, making a bagel, going back to sleep, dreaming about Shaq, waking up, and watching the Jordan Doc. I'd like to think that's something a lot of us can relate to in this time? Keep 'em coming, Sandman.