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Hard Factor Interviews Journalist Kassy Dillon About Visiting The Front Lines in the War Against ISIS

On today's Hard Factor News, we're joined by journalist and media strategist Kassy Dillon.   

Kassy recounts her trip to Kurdistan where she visited the front lines of the war against ISIS to make a documentary that turned out to be a con job set up by some war lord that invited a bunch of American journalists over to more or less use them as human shields. Kassy covers that trip which included visits to Saddam's torture prisons as well as the ins-and-outs of celebratory AK-47 fire.

Here's a clip from Kassy's vacation to the Iraqi Kurdistan region 2 years ago, where she met a war general whose uniform included what looks to be an Armani Suit, Gucci loafers, and probably way too much cologne.  

Check out the full 30-minute interview below and catch all-new episodes of Hard Factor News Monday-Friday.  Your daily dose of News Cocaine.


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