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Maybe It Is Worth Watching That New Show "The Royals" If We Get To See That Hot Minxbox Elizabeth Hurley Dancing Around In A Thong With Her Ass Shaking Everwhere

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Daily Mail - Life in Elizabeth Hurley’s royal household is very different to that of her Royal Highness, the Queen Of England. And it’s with the 49-year-old’s rebellious character Queen Helena at the helm that things get a little out of hand in new sitcom The Royals, starting with the trailer which shows Liz in her smalls. Elizabeth, who turns 50 in June, shows off her incredible figure in the new two-minute clip, stripping down to some racy black lingerie with a man in her chamber and her pert posterior to the camera.

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49! She’s 49. Remember her in Austin Powers? I think that’s the first time I got a boner in the movie theater. Like straight up one of the hottest chicks on the planet, and still is. I’d take a 49 year old Elizabeth Hurley over most 22 year olds going right now. I add her to the list of women I wish Instagram was around for when they were in their primes. Hurley has no problem showing the goods off at 49, imagine what she would have been posting on Instagram at 23. Really makes you think, huh? Also makes a lot of you married folk depressed. I’m sorry. Just remember, your wife is beautiful on the inside. Well probably not, but whatever.


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