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The Celtics Are Spending Quarantine Becoming Hip Hop Superstars

NBA players wanting to be rappers and rappers wanting to be NBA players is certainly not a new concept. In fact there are a bunch of great MCs in the league right now, ranging from Lou Williams to Iman Shumpert to the best of the best in Dame Lillard. Well it's maybe time we include a couple Celts on that list because so far during quarantine we've seen some guys put out some absolute bangers. 

The first was Marcus Smart. Certainly not new to the rap game, you may remember his first song 52M that came right after he signed his extension

This was the first I had ever heard Marcus put something on wax and I'll admit, it was way better than I ever expected. Well he's back, this time with a quarantine rap

All Defensive player, can guard all five positions without breaking a sweat, gonna get some DPOY votes, actually doesn't have that broken of a jumper anymore, and I'm ready to say Marcus is just a flat out good rapper. Sure there are some concerns about the whole social distancing thing with someone that ya know…tested positive for the big rona but whatever his part still bangs. 

Next came Jaylen. What did you do for Mother's Day yesterday? A phone call? Maybe a Zoom or sent some flowers and a card? How pathetic. Why? Because Jaylen came out here and dunked on children everywhere with a fantastic Mother's Day song with his brother

I mean that's incredible. The holding of the Aunt Jemima syrup like it's henny or something, that's the good stuff. Your young franchise cornerstone could never. No way they pull it off like Jaylen and his brother do here. Some guys just have the "it" factor and Jaylen is clearly one of those people. 

I'm sure there are some people out there that wish there were videos of these guys working out instead of getting their hip hop on, but I am not one of them. Dealing with this quarantine is a motherfucker for everyone, player included. If flexing their creative muscles is going to keep their mind right during this dark time I'm all for it. Let your competition think you're doing nothing but making rap videos and aren't getting ready for basketball to return all while you're secretly working out as well. 

Obviously the next step here is Marcus/Jaylen/G Time all getting on a track together and going platinum with no features. It's not something us Celtics fans what, it's what we need. 

Oh, and aside from being lyrical geniuses, I guess Jaylen and Marcus are pretty good at their day job too. Miss them.