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Legendary Investor Paul Tudor Jones Champions Bitcoin

Today is the Bitcoin "halvening." While the event itself will take place in a few hours, CNBC got the ball rolling this morning by talking to legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones who now claims to have around 2% of his multi-billion dollar portfolio in Bitcoin.

For complete transparency here, I had absolutely no idea who he was but I saw everyone getting excited about it—and that made me excited. And that's what the Bitcoin game is all about. It's about being excited and forcing your thoughts on others. It's like a multi-level marketing scheme that has potential of being legit. I mean this guy Paul Tudor goes by his first and middle name. If you're a girl, that means you are in a sorority at Florida State. BUT, if you're a boy that means you are one of the greatest financial minds of our time. 

I'm still expecting a potentially double digit crash here in the next week, but then it's on. THEN I am turning Barstool Sports into my own personal Bitcoin propaganda blog.

That's my plan.