Wake Up With One Of The Best Dunks In Playoff History

The We Believe Warriors may have lost this series in 5 games, but that doesn't mean they didn't have the best moment of the series and one of the NBA's all time playoff dunks. I mean what Baron Davis did on that play shouldn't happen, especially to someone like Andre Kirilenko who was a damn good defender in his prime. Didn't matter. At this moment in time there was little you could do to stop the Warriors after they took down the #1 seed Mavs the series before. 

In my opinion this was about as perfect a dunk as it gets. The way he threw it down, the sound, the reaction of the crowd, the reaction of the broadcast, it's about as close to perfection as you can get. That's why I had to do a Wake Up blog on the day it all happened 13 years ago. Just a great play.

Younger stoolies may not remember, but Baron Davis could throw down with the best of em. One of the greatest dunking point guards of all time and that is not hyperbole.