Wake Up With The Best Squash Shots Of All Time

I know I said "All Time" in the title and then the movie is labeled "Of The Decade" but for my money there's highlights in HD and then there's everything else. A lot of people partial to Jahangir Khan's run in the 80's are going to be pissed at me for saying that but so be it. The fact remains that squash is underrated in several respects, including but not limited to the phenomenal lather you get while playing. People forget that kind of "good" sweat is hard to come by the older you get. With that, in come the "bad" sweats. Like you had the enchiladas platter for lunch and now the mole sauce is leaking through your pores. Or you got into the wine cabinet on a Sunday and now it's Monday and there's a conference call. Those are examples of bad sweats and their frequency increases with time, which is why I want to run back some squash. 

And before any of you guys say it - let me address up front. Not a compromise for bowling in the least bit. Everyone knows I'm Bowling #1 recreational sport in 2020+. That's who I am at my core. But that also means keeping an open mind and for the life of me squash is starting to plant some real estate in my brain. As it stands I could use another fancy pants sport.