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Huge Coronavirus Sports Update: The Governor of Ohio Has Renewed His Ohio State Football Season Tickets

I'm fired up, baby!!!! After 60 straight days of bad news revolving the entire world and more importantly, the world of sports, we finally have something on the positive side. And oh baby, THIS IS GOOD.

Okay, okay. Before I get ahead of myself, let me give you some background information on what's going on. As most of you already know, Ohio has been at the forefront of this pandemic response since Day 1. Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton have become nothing short of American heroes during this for their incredible resolve, foresight, and ability to lead during these tough times. I know Georgia has just found out that people can carry the virus but be asymptomatic, but Ohio has been playing it safe since early March. SOURCE:

Ohio's overall response and daily press conferences have literally been the dictionary definition of "safety first" since this whole thing began, and there's not one thing that's going to stop that now. Not a sporting event. Not kids need to go to school. Not the economy. I mean, the guy literally tried to make the entire state's popular wear a mask to legally go outside. So yeah, he's leaning towards the side of caution with this whole thing.

Soooooo.....if we're playing it so safe, riddle me this one:

Governor Mike DeWine renewed his season tickets because Governor Mike DeWine thinks we can play football this year!!!!!

Put that on the front page. Put that on the 6 o'clock news. Do a press conference for that. Our simpleton readers from other parts of the country might need some help deciphering this one, but the sharper ones can tell you that this is the definition of the transitive property. DeWine shuts everything down…..DeWine renewed his season tickets……so we're clearly not shutting down football. The dude literally put Ohio into a state of emergency on March 9th when there were a grand total of 3 cases and 0 deaths in the entire state. And that same guy "CERTAINLY" thinks there can be a football season this year. Does that mean there will 100% be fans? Well, no. But just in case, he renewed his tickets so he won't have to watch from home…

**Today I Learned: The state governor has to pay for his own football tickets at the state school.