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It's Nice To See Tony Ferguson Dancing His Way Outta The Hospital After Saturday's Loss

After seeing the damage Tony Ferguson withstood on Saturday night, in UFC 249's main event between he and Justin Gaethje for the UFC Interim Lightweight Championship - leaving him with his first loss in eight years, a broken orbital bone, and a couple of nasty facial lacerations....'s nice to see Tony in good spirits already, and back to his weirdo self, dancing his way outta the hospital! That isn't a slight, either (me calling him a weirdo). Not at all. I think Tony himself would definitely agree that he's a bit of an odd cat. He's a fucking savage in that octagon, though!

I'm not sure I've ever seen as much heart displayed in the cage as we saw from Ferguson on Saturday. I'm not even the guy's biggest supporter, but man, it was kinda heartbreaking to see Justin Gaethje dismantling him for virtually every second of that fight while Tony just refused to quit/back down! I have no idea how he stayed standing after eating some of the shots that he did. 

Justin Gaethje's corner was practically begging him to stop throwing as hard as he was at times, too, because the way he was swinging for the fences trying to put Ferguson out was starting to get reckless! He even sorta got caught doing so at the end of the second round….

That was Tony Ferguson's reminder that you can't afford to make a single mistake in that octagon with him. Not one - because he'll make you pay for it.

There's just no way he's the same species as my Arthur Fleck lookin head ass. 

I almost forgot to mention that this mothafucka hit a leg sweep as well….

I'm sure he'll get right back on that horse - or whatever animal Tony Ferguson would elect to get back on, maybe an ostrich or something - very soon. Wishing him the best in that broken orbital recovery. Absolute warrior.