This Chinese Teacher Getting Fired For Using Two Students As Footstools Is Bullshit

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Daily Mail- A teacher in China has been sacked after punishing two students by making them kneel on the floor and act as footstools. Mr Xie told the male pupils from Nanguang High School in Fujian to stay behind after class on Thursday because they were being too loud. He made the students crouch on the floor while he played on his phone and put his bare feet on their backs, People’s Daily Online reported. Mr Xie, who has been a teacher for 27 years, was dismissed after the Nan’an City Education Department saw a picture on social media. The image shows both students being made to kneel on the ground in their school uniforms in front of a crowd of pupils. Mr Liu, headteacher, said Mr Xie, who is in his 40s, was supervising a small self-study group around 7.30pm when the two students were too noisy. The Year One pupils – thought to be aged between six and seven – were taken into a different room and told to kneel on the ground. Mr Liu said the footstool photo was taken as a joke and added that Mr Xie, who was in charge of disciplining the male students at the school, ‘performed well in his work and was extremely talented’. Nan’an City Department of Education said it took immediate action. It requested the school apologise to students and parents, and said that student counselling should also be offered.





First, had to include that Seinfeld clip.  Like the rest of you, it’s always the first thing that comes to my brain when somebody does something…….let’s say out of the ordinary at their place of work.  Second, it couldn’t be a bigger pile of bullshit that this teacher got fired for using two misbehaving students as footstools.  Ever heard of a little thing called establishing dominance?  Well that’s exactly what he’s doing.  Let me ask you another thing, how much money would it take for you to teach a class full of youngsters?  I don’t know about you but that number is probably approaching a billion for me.  No way no how you could pay me enough to be a teacher.  Top 5 worst job in the world.  I’m honestly surprised we even have people still willing to teach young kids because young kids are assholes.  We constantly see videos of kids tormenting teachers.  They’re ruthless.  Yelling, screaming, calling them names and sometimes straight up assaulting them.  And the kids are ruthless because they know the teacher can’t do anything about it.  Smack an asshole kid across the face and it’s gonna be the teacher’s head on a stake, not the kids.  It’s not fair.  Teachers are completely powerless.


So I say good on this teacher for taking a stand even if it got him fired.  At least he was trying to do something about it.  You misbehave in my class, you become my footstool for the day.  Themz is the rulez.  If you don’t want my nasty feet on your back while I scroll through Twitter as the entire class looks, don’t misbehave.  But of course he’s the one who gets in trouble at the end of the day.  We’re living in a society.