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LET HER SHOOT: They're Calling Her Karen Durant

As a woman, on a basketball court, you are constantly seen as lesser. Best case, your opponent thinks you play like Tim Duncan in the later stages of his career, worst case, you're surely garbage enough to leave open..."let her shoot". 

There is NOTHING sweeter than the surprise on the face of a male opponent when you cross over and step back for three... WET. Nothing more delightful than the look of disappointment when you get by him and hit him with a smooth left-handed layup. Nothing more ego-boosting than watching him realize he's going to lose the game of one-on-one he was SURE he would win. 

I know its petty. It's childish. But its TRUE. I get so much pleasure from this. 

So when I saw Karen Durant trending on Twitter, on Mother's Day... I was ELATED. 


That's game. Internet posterization. 

Wait did she just cross son in flats, white capris pants and a fucking cardigan while he was in a FULL defensive stance????? 

My lord. The internet is undefeated.