Sundays Are For The GOATs..."Big Bad & Bobby" Debuts Before "The Last Dance"

It's not too often we get back-to-back documentaries about the best player of all time in two different sports. But that's exactly what we're getting on the 50th Anniversary of The Goal. 

The NHL Network is airing "The 1970 Boston Bruins: Big Bad & Bobby" for the first time at 8PM. Everyone has seen the goal now watch the story of the team that turned a generation of New England kids into hockey players and the guy who singlehandedly changed the way the game was played, Bobby Orr. 

So before you pop on MJ and Da Bulls at 9, watch another guy who was head-and-shoulders above every other guy in the league and changed the fortunes of a team and region.


Might have to @OldTakesExposed Robert Mitchum for that one.