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Dominick Cruz Says Referee Keith Peterson Smelled Of Alcohol & Cigarettes In The Octagon Last Night


Talk about a loaded accusation! Get it? Loaded? Like...drunk? 

During Megan Olivi's interview with Dominick Cruz on the UFC 249 post-show last night, the former bantamweight champ claimed that referee Keith Peterson - who he believes made a poor, early stoppage in his fight - smelled of cigarettes and alcohol in the octagon with him. 

Cruz even mentions that when he first stepped foot in the cage, he noticed this, and he immediately wished he could've somehow vetoed the referee. 

Here's the stoppage in question, if you're curious, which I didn't think was too bad personally...

...but back to the main point of this story - the accusation - which is pretty fucking insane! 

I've literally never heard someone claim the ref in their fight was drunk in my 10+ years of watching the UFC, but I guess all bets are off with these pandemic fights! You never know what the fuck is gonna happen or what anybody's gonna say at any moment! 

The fact that Dominick Cruz of all people is the one pointing the finger at Peterson does take this from a 'disgruntled fighter's excuse' to something AT LEAST worth raising our eyebrows at, though, because I don't think Cruz isn't really known for making excuses....

…and it would just seem pretty out-of-character for him to try to destroy the career of another individual in the sport because he was a little too emotional after a loss, you know? 

That being said, it'd be even more out-of-character for "No Nonsense" Keith Peterson to be drunk in the god damn UFC octagon, so I don't really know what to think.


If Cruz could somehow prove this to be true, or if his account of things can be corroborated by others that shared the cage with Peterson, it would almost certainly mean that he'll never referee another fight ever again. However, if not? Cruz could definitely be in for a lawsuit or something over this, right? I don't think you can just say shit like that if you can't back it up. What do they call it - defamation of character - isn't it? Ah, I don't fuckin know. I shouldn't talk outta my ass.

Crazy story, though! I hope they get this all sorted out!

P.S. Referee Keith Peterson's nickname is literally "No Nonsense" Keith Peterson, so this better not be true. It would be complete and utter nonsense on his part if that were the case. "No Nonsense" is his whole brand.