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Oh, HELL YEAH: An Attorney Is Trying To Get Zion To Go Under Oath And Admit Whether Or Not He Accepted Benefits To Go To Duke

Oh talk about a little quarantine treat on Mother's Day. An attorney is trying to force Zion to go under oath and admit whether or not he accepted benefits to go to Duke. That's exactly what I want to know. Granted everyone knows Coach K has been giving out benefits since Corey Magette was around. I've said it before I don't even give a shit that he 'cheats' it's the fact that so many morons actually think he's clean and some holier than thou coach. 

This trial and shit all stems from his contract dispute with a former marketing agent. It seemed like a nothing lawsuit at the time. Whatever, money involved but nothing serious. But now? Now that we could get Zion under oath and talking about accepting benefits is exactly what we need right now. 

It goes on and on about what exactly he'll have to answer. Remember, Zion's name came up during the trial when he was linked to Kansas. 

It's not exactly shocking that it would come up with Duke now. 

Would be a real shame if the entire world finally realized K is like every single other coach out there. A real shame.