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Dickie '#ScoopCity' Vitale Coming In With The Hot Tip (Six Weeks From Now)

Folks, they don't call him Dickie Scoops Vitale for nothing. Look at this! He has a source (that everyone knows) about two major conference teams (there's really only two left) about getting NOA within the next 6 weeks. That's how you do it. That's how you become a member of #ScoopCity. 

Now what is he talking about? Pretty obvious that he's talking about Arizona and LSU in regards to the FBI investigation into college hoops. We know Kansas, Creighton and Louisville already received their allegations - with Kansas getting five Level I allegations. There are only so many schools left that are still waiting for their NOA's to come in.  It's also no secret that Dickie V tends to talk shit about LSU and Arizona. No idea why but the man just doesn't like Sean Miller/Will Wade. 

I love Dick Vitale's social media presence. It's unbelievable. Whether he's live tweeting concerts, filming the wrong way or just random scoops like this who knows what the hell he's going to do. Just know that Woj, Shams, Passan, whoever tries to break news has been put on notice. Dickie has joined #ScoopCity (in six weeks). 

PS: The fact he can't spell words right really makes his Twitter gold. Dickie V doesn't have time for grammar when he's setting up shop in #ScoopCity