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Hey Shaq, What The Hell?

(NBC Sports) - Some think the NBA should just cancel the 2019-20 season and move on to the next one. Hall of Famer and Inside the NBA jokester Shaquille O’Neal is among them, as he told For The Win.

“I think we should scrap the season. Everybody go home, get healthy, come back next year. Just scrap the season. Just scrap it. To try and come back now and do a rush playoffs as a player? Any team that wins this year, there’s an asterisk. They’re not going to get the respect. What if a team that’s not really in the mix of things all of a sudden wins with a new playoff format? Nobody is going to respect that. So, scrap it. Worry about the safety of the fans and the people. Come back next year…

“Look, I understand how players are feeling. I really do. But any team that gets it done this year, there’s going to be an asterisk on that championship."

Hey Shaq, what the hell man. This is not helping the situation right now. In case you weren't aware, we're still doing positive vibes only when it comes to the NBA coming back. So upon reading that quote I have a question

Scrap the season? Terrible idea. In fact it may be the worst decision Shaq has ever come up with. I need the big fella to be on our side here when it come to the season coming back. Do you think Shaq would say this if his Lakers were contending for a title? No chance. Which brings me to my next point about the *asterisk* he's talking about. First of all, it's May. We have no idea what the potential playoff format will look like. Second of all, I would argue that this year's champion will be every bit as deserving considering what they've had to deal with. Plenty of teams go on a roll to end the season and run through the postseason. How many have had to abruptly stop right before the playoff and be on hiatus for like three months? That's a challenge that no other champion has had to deal with. Plus, if you want to talk asterisks, now everyone is going to be 10000% healthy, unlike last year's Finals. If you are someone that wants to throw asterisks around on titles (I am not one of them), well that would be a bigger one than whatever happens this season and nobody had a problem with that now did we? Nobody said cancel the Finals because KD and Klay got hurt right? I'm of the thinking that this year's champion will truly earn it since they'll have to go through healthy competition. Teams like BOS/PHI/BKN/LAC etc are all going to be rolling at full strength, which might not have been the case had this whole ordeal never happened. People who want to throw an asterisk on this year's playoffs make no sense to me.

So while I love Shaq, he's dead wrong on this one. A take so bad I'm just going to pretend it never happened and instead remember him as the guy who did shit like this