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Joe Rogan Trying To Get An Empty Arena To Cheer For The First Winner Of The Night Was A Hilarious Moment

Ladies and gentlemen - sports are officially back! Like...seriously!

Sam Alvey and Ryan Spann just kicked off the UFC 249 prelims on ESPN, and they put on a hellllll of a fight. Just an awesome back-and-forth stand up battle - particularly in its closing moments - where both men displayed tough chins and zero willingness to back down. 


We then got our first truly "bizarro-world" moment of the night, when Joe Rogan interviewed Ryan Spann in the octagon and forgot he couldn't throw to a crowd for applause, making everyone on the broadcast crack up. It was such a funny wholesome moment. Bisping had one at the start of this whole quarantine, too...

As weird as this is, it's still fucking awesome. I can't wipe the smile off my face. I'm so glad they pulled this off. 

Oh yeah, and I'm invading ESPN…