We Have Found the Best Quarantine Activity Imaginable

This is the best activity I’ve seen anyone do during the National Quarantine Lockdown of 2020. It makes me wish I kept my Wii past 2009 because this is the only thing I want to do right now.

I had seen a couple people tape the Wii remote to a bat and do this inside, but you can’t really take BP in the living room. This guy is out here taking big daddy hacks and hitting ding dongs 445 feet to right-center.

Man, Wii Sports sure was the shit back in the day. It’s right up there with NCAA Football 14 and MVP Baseball 05 for me as one of the all-time greats. I’m pretty sure I could pick up a remote right now and still whoop the piss out if anybody that wants the smoke in Wii Tennis.

Wii Sports also had one of the greatest video games themes ever. Memories.


Anyway, I’m currently in the market for a Wii and plastic bat to go take some cuts out in the front yard.