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This Is the Greatest, Most Absurd, Laugh Out Loud Funny Commercial I've Ever Seen In My Life (It's Not Supposed To Be) (I Don't Think)

UNBELIEVABLE! I don't even want to talk about it until you watch because you need to have the surprise. If I told you what this ad was for it would be worse than spoiling Endgame or whatever. It's that worth it.

Have you watched yet?

Are you sure?

You saw the big twist? There's no way you could have predicted that.

I'm double checking, you watched, right? 

Ok... MONOPOLY! THAT WAS A COMMERCIAL FOR MONOPOLY! When I tell you I actually got up from my chair and ran a little lap once that girl opened her present I swear I am telling you the truth. There have been games featuring teams that I hold near and dear to my heart that didn't get such a reaction out of me. 

MS. MONOPOLY IS HERE FOLKS and it's being promoted by wonderful young girls. Girls who are saving the world. Brilliant minds that are creating tests to find lead in drinking water, find sinkholes before they sink, truly innovative stuff. And what do the want to do when they come home? Unwind and just let their mind relax while playing a board game that's been popular for eternity except now, I imagine, there's some pink in it? It's not some old guy with a monocle, it's a cute lady. Not your grandad's Monopoly, this is MS. Monopoly! 

Also, why did it take so long for a Ms. Monopoly? There's WWE Monopoly. Stranger Things Monopoly. Deadpool Monopoly. All kinds of things that are way less popular than women have their own version of Monopoly.